Claude-a-saurus Wrecks “Canceled”

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The Gray Havens is releasing a new album called “Blue Flower” on Friday, October 8th. I’m very excited about this album because I’ve enjoyed all of the singles that have been released so far and that this album is influenced by C.S. Lewis’s autobiography “Surprised by Joy”.

Pints with Jack is a great C.S. Lewis podcast. They interviewed David Radford of the Gray Havens for a very insightful look at the new album and process of creating it.

On top of that David Radford created his own podcast “The Gray Havens Podcast” where he gets very indepth with the process of writing the album. Very interesting.

Claude-a-saurus Wrecks “Art Becomes Life”

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Here is a picture that I took of Murder by Death playing a venue in Syracuse, NY almost twenty years ago.

Murder By Death

This week it looked like a serious opposition might come into my life that would drastically alter every relationship that I have. Thankfully, it appears that that opposition has been fended off at this time but at the height of it I found myself lost in thought. I looked at comic books and action figures that I’ve collected and started to hate them. I looked at them and I saw a child where I should have seen a man. Why do I have these things? I am an adult with children and I should not have these childish things. Even before this weekend I would get embarrassed when my wife would tell people that I collect comic books. It has given me a lot more to think about.

Claude-a-saurus Wrecks “Notoriously Flatulent Turkeys”

I don’t have an album review of “Tread the Dawn” but the songs on “Tread the Dawn” will be featured on the forthcoming album “Blue Flower” which releases on October 8th, 2021. You can read about how “Blue Flower” is influenced by CS Lewis’ “Surprised by Joy” here.

November 3rd, 2021 a new movie about CS Lewis will be released in the theaters for a one night engagement. The movie is called “The Most Reluctant Convert”. The closest theater to me that is showing it is more than 2 hours away. I plan on going.

Claude-a-saurus Wrecks “Comic Book Poses of Deceit”

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1.) Nate and I saw Jamey Johnson! Aimee came over and hung out for a while but she was more interested in checking out the fair than the show.

Jamey Johnson
(The camera on my phone could be better…)

2.) Fergus had a checkup appointment. So far so good. In two weeks they will do another X-ray and make a decision on whether to remove the last pin.

3.) My son start AYSO soccer last week. Monday was his first practice. This Saturday will be his first game. He played a few years ago, so it is technically his second season.

Claude-a-saurus Wrecks “Social Media Frenzy”

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1.) Jamey Johnson is playing at the New York State Fair this Tuesday. Pay for parking and $3 admission to the fair and the concert is free!

2.) Fergus has his followup appointment this Friday. Hopefully everything is as it should be.

3.) Dave Sim, the creator of Cerebus, has been releasing comics poking fun at comic book culture and society as a new #1 issue every months. The one released this month is called “Crisis of Infinite Quarantines”. I honestly could not resist picking this one up and giving it a look. I’ll let you know what I thought after I finish reading it.

4.) My best friend Nate moved back into the area. Previously he lived over five hours away. It’s so great that he lives only 30 minutes away now.