Ten Years of Blogging


I can’t tell you the exact date that I started this blog because I deleted the first post here. My first post consisted of me rambling while trying to justify the existence of yet another blog on the internet. I do know that I created the blog ten years ago in the month of April. In retrospect, it would have been nice if I had kept that original blog post. I would like to have read how I justified creating this blog ten years ago since I am going to spend this post discussing what I’ve done with the blog for the past ten years and what I still hope to accomplish.

Development of Content

While I can’t reference the original post to see exactly what I wrote to justify the creation of this blog there are some goals and influences that I can clearly remember.

First, I have always aspired to be a published writer. I have achieved this goal to some small degree with the publication of my testimony in JoAnne Jones book, “God With Us: Fifty True Stories of God’s Faithfulness” and concert and album reviews that saw publication in the Syracuse New Times newspaper. The New Times also published a feature about the Syracuse hardcore band Path of Resistance that I co-wrote with my best friend and the then New Times music editor, Nate Turk. I have not yet achieved my goal of being a published author with my own printed book. The concept behind having a blog is that I would be creating content regularly, developing a strong focus on my writing, and applying that concept to produce a quality, longer written work that was worthy of publication that would be published either independently or through a traditional publisher.

Secondly, I understood that having a grasp of some basic HTML language would help me with my professional career of technical writing. While the current WordPress editor makes creating content very simple, when I first started ten years ago I found ways that I could add formatting HTML to spice up some blog posts. Having these skills have come in handy over the years as they have been building blocks to develop the different skills that I have applied professionally. Future skills for furthering my technical writing career will probably be working with animations and video editing. I haven’t really delved into these avenues just yet but I see the need for these skills in the future.

Thirdly, I have always been a fan of Wes Molebash from the time I was introduced to his comic strip “You’ll Have That”. My wife and I were going through some financial difficulties and I had stopped buying floppy comic books altogether. I wasn’t aware of webcomics at that time, but having grown up loving newspaper comic strips, I immediately was captivated by webcomics. Sadly, You’ll Have That ended, but Wes had started a blog. I was greatly influenced by Wes’s comics and was even more so influenced by the direction of his blog and wanted to do something similar.

Over the years this blog has seen publication of:

Personal journaling entries and family stories and reflections.

Pop culture reviews of comics, music, TV shows, movies, etc.

Link sharing for the nerd culture website Allnerdity that my friend Josh and I did together for a few years.

A project called Publish or Perish, where I documented my attempt to be more regular about writing in an attempt to having something publishable.

Documenting my attempt at the 100 Thing Challenge, which was influenced by a book of the same name where the authored approached life with a minimalist attitude and lived with only 100 possessions.

Devotions that I wrote and delivered for different Men’s Breakfasts at church.

Mr. Arbuckle comic strips and Covid lockdown blogging.

Claude-a-saurus Wrecks (C-Wrecks) comics.

Future Goals for Content

One of my future goals for content on this blog is to continue with more C-Wrecks comics. Currently I am publishing comics with a restrained format where the content in the frames do not change much but the writing and other small elements change with each strip. My future goal is to find a link to an album review for the album cover shown in each comic. This will put me much closer to the original idea of C-Wrecks back when it was an idea called Rockzilla. The Rockzilla idea was for a site with simple three panel comic strips and then music reviews. That site never was created but I am certainly glad that the idea exists in some form today. I have some new ideas for C-Wrecks that I hope to roll out soon, with some of the other characters in the restrained artwork grid, and a larger format “Sunday comic” with more panels. You’ve already seen some of this with the political A.I.N.N. News robot comics; however, I do not want to intentionally be controversial…

But, my second goal for content is to delve more into the Christian devotional writing that I have done some of before. While the intent of a devotional is never to be controversial, the very nature of Christianity that addresses the reality that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God is by it’s very nature controversial to some.


I appreciate everyone that reads my content and everyone that offers a kind word. It’s amazing to think that I’ve made it TEN YEARS blogging and it seems like quite the accomplishment. I hope to continue blogging and to create content that is enjoyable for people to read.