What I’m Thankful For (2015 Edition)

Recently, I took a break from blogging because of the stress related to my grandfather being in a nursing home. Writing about “What I’m Thankful For” has been somewhat of a tradition on my blog, and in honor of my grandfather, who passed away on Tuesday, I am writing this blog about what I’m thankful for in 2015.

1.) Family

When I was seven years old my mother was hospitalized for an extended period of time and my brother and I went to live with my grandparents for an entire year. My grandparents fed us, got us off to school, helped us with our homework, took care of us, and gave use a safe, warm place to stay. One of my fondest memories was sitting on the floor of the TV room while eating dinner and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my grandparents. It was my first introduction to science fiction and I’ve been a fan of science fiction ever since.

Despite my ability to destroy relationships through acts or arrogance or stupidity, God blessed me with Aimee whom I convinced to marry me. This year we celebrated ten years of marriage. Through our marriage God has blessed us with two wonderful children:

Our daughter who loves to ride horses, sings in chorus, and plays the flute in band. She loves an animals and is very empathic to others. Her favorite subject in school is Social Studies. She is growing up to be a very intelligent, well-mannered, and empathic young lady.

Our son who is a ball of energy. He always seems to have a smile of pure delight on his face. He loves to play with his cars and the associated spiral track. If its got four wheels he likes to play with it. He likes to be outdoors and he likes to go for wagon rides.

My mom and my dad who have put up with so much difficulty out of me and still love me and are willing to help me out whenever I need it. They have never turned me away.

2.) Friends

Whom is a friend to you? I see so many people that have friends lists of social media sites that number into the high hundreds but in reality most of these people if they saw them in public they would probably ignore them or not recognize them. So they aren’t friends and probably aren’t even really acquaintances. They are more likely that person whom they knew of, that one time, long ago.

A true friend is hard to come by. Everyone has their definition of what a true friend is. Here is mine. A true friend is there in whatever way they can when you need them. They hear you out when you’ve got something you need to talk about but even if they don’t know what to say they just tell you they are listening and that they are there for you. Friends don’t mock you behind your back or tell others bad things about you. They call you out about all of the stupid things that you are doing right to your face, and they aren’t doing it to belittle you but because they care about you and they want you to get your act together before you end up getting hurt.

3.) Gainful Employment

The Great Recession was tough. My wife went through a bout of unemployment and I had to take a 10% pay cut for a period of time at my job. Now, we are both working and earning money. I truly feel that there is a stagnant wage problem in this country and that it will need to be addressed sooner than later. But while the value of a fair wage is determined, I can presently say that earning some money is better than earning no money at all.

4.) Salvation through the blood of Jesus

When I gave my life to Jesus no one promised me a McMansion and a Ferrarri. I don’t have those things either. If I did have those things I would spend a lot of time wondering what their resale value was. What I have is redemption in the eyes of God that I could never have accomplished on my own. God gave people the opportunity to try and redeem themselves and they failed miserably at it. If you don’t believe me just look at the Old Testament. It was God that showed all of mankind how boundless his love was when he sacrificed his own son Jesus to forgive our sins so that we could be re-united with God. In the past I have often wondered why things in this life don’t make sense, but really there is nothing to wonder about. Things don’t make sense because we aren’t supposed to be here. We are supposed to be in the Garden of Eden living in harmony with God.


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