In Memoriam: Chip 2004-2017

In Memory of Chip

Chip, you were the best dog I ever had. We lost you so quickly that sometimes it feels like it isn’t real. But it is and it hurts knowing that I’ll never get to see you again. You were with us for 12-1/2 years and I’ll cherish every day of it.


I remember when we got you from the breeders. We had to drive through a security check point because we were near the Canadian border. The police officers made us pull over and searched the car because they said we were acting nervous. We were nervous. We didn’t know why there was a check point or what going through one entailed. We told the police officers who searched the car that we were on our way to get you. When we came back through the check point the same police officers were still on duty. They recognized us and  waved us through. Aimee waved your little paw at the officers as we drove through. They smiled.


When we were at the breeders they had you in a pen with your brothers and sisters. I was shocked at how you were almost twice the size of all your brothers and sisters.  The breeders laughed and said “yeah, he likes to eat”. For your entire life your favorite thing to do was eat.


When we first got you, your eyes were very blue. We had already named you Chip, but your eyes were so strikingly blue that Aimee had talked about changing your name to pay homage to Frank Sinatra. I’m glad we never changed your name. Chip was a name that fit you. The two best parts of a cookie are the chocolate chips and eating them. You liked eat. You would eat anything and you would eat all the time if you could. You were a Chip. It was the perfect name for you. The color of your eyes changed to brown anyway.


Like all dogs there were times when you got loose and we had to try and catch you. Most times it involved getting your attention by shaking a bowl of dog food and you would come running back. Usually if you got loose that meant Abbie got loose too and she would run faster than a rabbit and to wherever she wanted to go. She isn’t as easily swayed by a bowl of dog food. Abbie misses you too. She didn’t eat for a few days, and has been walking around the house looking for you. At 13-1/2 years old, Abbie is old but it never really showed on her. The past few days as she’s been mourning you it seems that her age is catching up with her quickly. Abbie loves you too.


You were young when we brought baby Makenna home from the hospital. You were so sweet with her. She could climb on you and pull your ears. You didn’t care. She dressed you up. She painted your nails. You let her do whatever she wanted. You were so good to her. You were much older when we brought home baby Colton from the hospital. You were sweet with him too. You patiently endured another round of being climbed on and having your ears pulled. Both of the kids love you too. Makenna has carried around your collar. Colton doesn’t quite understand what has happened, but he knows you aren’t here and he asks where you are.


You were a good cuddler too. While Abbie has to lay where and how she wanted, anyone could grab you and pull you towards themselves. You would just lay there curled up against them and find a way to fall asleep. When the other dogs would run into the bedroom and sleep with Aimee when she went to bed you always stayed by my side. It didn’t matter what I was doing. If I was reading, working on the computer, or just watching TV; if I was sitting on the couch you would sit next to me.


You would sit through re-runs of Star Trek: The Next Generation and episodes of The Flash with me when everyone else would just roll their eyes and go into the other room. Don’t worry Chip, Barry won’t let Savitar kill Iris, and Caitlyn won’t be Killer Frost forever.


You had two little spots of lighter colored fur right above your eyes. It made you look like you had eyebrows. You had this little gesture where you appeared to “raise your eyebrows” and then look to the side. I have always told people that you were “giving the side eye”.


When my hand was infected you knew something was wrong and you knew I was worried about it. You stayed right by my side no matter what I was doing or where I was.


You loved to give kisses. As your teeth started rotting your breathe got so horrible that no one really wanted your kisses anymore but that didn’t stop you from trying to give them. I would rub my finger on your nose and you would lick my fingers. No one in this house ever doubted that you loved us.


While you weren’t my first dog Chip you were my best dog and I’ll never forget you. I hope that you enjoyed your life and that you feel that we did as right as possible by you for the time that you were here. I love you Chip. I miss you, and I’ll never forget you.


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